About Us


Welcome to the world of Supermedistore.com!!! Supermedistore.com, is a one stop house of over 1000 hospital supplies, equipment and instruments.

Supermedistore is an upcoming and growing project of a Public Ltd Company, Swapnil Securities Ltd. This Portal operates out of a town in Maharashtra with the purpose of making healthcare and its supplies easily accessible to all hospitals/ doctors and other healthcare providers. By registering the project at a smaller town, it shows that the healthcare supplies can be reached even to the smaller towns through the medium of online marketplace.

The vision of this portal is to provide a marketplace to manufacturers/ vendors to ensure their products are chanelised directly to the healthcare providers.

Why Supermedistore.com ?

  • We ensure transparency in quality and price.
  • We give open options to healthcare providers to help them decide for their organisation.
  • We do not rest till the product is delivered to the healthcare provider
  • We endeavour to bring new products to the market.
  • We consistently deliver value to customers.
  • We maintain efficiency and discipline in all the processes.

A bit about the parent company!!

Swapnil Securities Ltd is an unlisted Public Ltd company incorporated in the year 1986.

One of its many businesses involved is to provide consultancy services to hospitals. The services included setting up of new revenue centres to computerisation and expansion of existing centres. Backed by this affiliation with many hospitals, the Directors of the company realised that sourcing and channelising of hospital supplies, bringing in new technology and recycling of old technology has a big potential in our world.

This led the seed of thought for bringing up Supermedistore.com.